Inles para niños

English classes for children in Barcelona


EnglishBcn specializes in English classes for children in Barcelona. Our aim is for children to get to like English through games, songs and whatever else motivates the child. Grammar, which is what is most studied at school, can be worked on if necessary. In general, we focus on fun and conversation in English, always motivating the child to speak English and understand the teacher when she or he speaks.

All our teachers are native, qualified and experienced in teaching children. English is spoken throughout the lessons so the student is immersed in English during the entire class. In addition, children have a great aptitude to learn English and are able to copy the teacher’s accent. For this reason, it is important that the teachers are native. 

The classes are always at home and if there are several children the lessons can be held at a different house every month. 

There are many advantages of doing English classes for children at home in Barcelona with EnglishBcn:

  • Motivation: Children can use materials (games, books, computer, etc.) that they have at home and this motivates them to learning in an environment that they know and where they feel comfortable. 
  • Comfort: Since the lessons are at home you don’t need travel for your children to learn English. 
  • Timetable: You choose the timetable that suits you best and how many hours a week you would like to do. 
  • Small groups: It is important for the groups to be small so that every child speaks English a reasonable amount in every lesson and so they learn more. For this reason, the groups must be of a maximum of four children. 
  • Contact with the teacher: The teacher will come to your house every week so you will get to know him and can discuss any doubts or comments you may have. 

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Clases para niños

We were convinced that starting to learn English at a young age would be very beneficial for our four-year old son, but we had our doubts about how the lessons would work out with such a young child. Without a doubt choosing a good teacher with a certain profile is essential and we found him thanks to EnglishBcn. The lessons are fun, using games, songs, drawings… resources that gain the child’s attention and progressively allow conversations to take place in a fun way for him. "

Irene Mora


What I like best about doing the lessons at home is that the children don’t feel they’re doing an after school activity. They’re in a relaxed and familiar environment and they learn the language through games, without books nor the pressure of school. It’s fantastic seeing them play and communicating with the teacher in English!"

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