Clases castellano

Spanish, Catalan and other language classes in Barcelona


EnglishBcn offers Spanish and Catalan lessons for foreigners living in Barcelona, as well as German and French lessons. All our teachers are native of the languages they teach and are qualified to teach their language. One of our teachers will go to where is convenient for you, whether it is your home or work place.

Learning Spanish or Catalan can be pleasant and even fun, whatever the student’s age. Our native teachers personalize the Spanish and Catalan lessons so you learn what you need according to your current situation or future objectives.

We understand that if a student enjoys the classes, he will get more out of them and learn with more ease. Therefore our Spanish and Catalan classes in Barcelona are carried out in a natural and enjoyable way, using topics that are interesting to the student with lots of conversation. 

Advantages of doing Catalan or Spanish classes in Barcelona with EnglishBcn

  • Comfort: In your home or workplace so you don’t spend time travelling.
  • Timetable: You choose the timetable that suits you best and the hours a week you wish to do, from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 21.00 and Saturdays from 9.00 to 15.00. If you need to change the lesson times during the year you can do so.
  • Small groups: Every student has certain needs and interests when learning a language. It is important that the groups are small to be able to focus on these needs and so that every student has a reasonable amount of time to speak English during the lessons. For this reason the groups must be of a maximum of 6 adults.
  • Flexible syllabus: Together with the teacher, you can set the aims, choose what you wish to study and how to do it. Since the syllabus is completely flexible, we can adapt to your specific needs at every moment. 

Contact us for more information about our Spanish or Catalan classes for foreigners in Barcelona.


I was looking to spend two weeks in Barcelona, doing an intensive Spanish course and living with my teacher. The teacher provided by EnglishBcn worked out my needs and knew exactly how to respond in a very natural, effective, yet funny way. My Spanish improved tremendously during my stay, I got to know the city from a local’s point of view plus I had a great time."

Mirjam Scholler