Translation and interpretation Spanish-English-Spanish in Barcelona


EnglishBcn offers translations and interpretations to and from Spanish to English. Our partners are professional translators and translate to their mother tongue. We offer the following areas of translation:  

  • General Translations: Communications, web pages, advertising. 
  • Sworn translations: Contracts, reports, invoices, birth certificates, academic Certificates. 
  • Juridical / economic translations: financial reports, contracts, juridical claims, judicial resolutions. 
  • Technical translations: Industrial Property and patents, technical manuals, machinery. 

Contact us for more information about translation and interpretation Spanish - English - Spanish.

testimonial traduccion interpretacion

A friend recommended Caroline from EnglishBcn for her good work as a translator and we needed a translator for a work meeting to interpret from English to Spanish and vece versa. We can say that her level of English was excellent, she was very professional, friendly and efficient. Whenever someone needs a translator she will have our recommendation with a high mark!"

Jose Ferre Clauzel y Lola Cecilia Recio. Plastic Artist